Wallangarra Grandfather wins large keno prize
Kerry Wilson is a resident of Wallangarra who decided to play a keno game at the Tenterfield Bowling Club. Wilson was sitting with his neighbor and decided to have a beer. While he was sitting at the club, he decided to purchase a Quickpic and soon found out he had won a $1.74 million prize.

Wilson went home after he purchased the keno ticket and it was a few hours later that he found out from his neighbor that he had won. The club thought Wilson might have a lucky ticket and in fact it was a lucky ticket. Wilson said the win felt strange and surreal. It took a few days for Wilson to understand that he had won such a large lottery prize.

Wilson celebrated the win with his sons at a local bar and then bought a round for the staff and those at the bar. Wilson’s life Gail was in Melbourne to watch the Cup so she did not know about the win until she arrived home late on the night of the win.

Michael Jones is the manager of the Bowling Club and he said that everyone at the club was very happy that the win at taken place at the club. Jones stated: “It is good to have the money won by a local guy. He’s a regular, comes in here every couple of weeks and always has a go on the keno.”

Everyone at the club was overjoyed, according to Joy King, who was at the bowling club when the win took place. King stated: “Everybody was congratulating him and shaking his hand. It was such a great atmosphere at the club and such great news for the town. With the economy the way it is there are some people really struggling, so it is so nice to have some good news like this for a change. If I had a win like that I’d want to tell the whole world about it.”

- 2011-11-02

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