Nebraska Seeking Fast-Pace Keno
The game of keno is one that is enjoyable for gamblers who want a quick fix to be able to win a quick buck. The game is easy to play and can cost just a few dollars and reward players with a big pay day. The state of Nebraska is one that offers the game of keno but wants to expand the options, allowing for faster paced game play.

State Senator Tyson Larson recently introduced legislation titled Legislative Bill 250 and would work to repeal the state law which sets time limits on keno gaming. With the laws as they stand, the games have five minute time frames from when the game starts and the next one can begin.

A second piece of legislation was released by Senator Paul Schumacher titled Legislative Resolution 10CA and would put the decision of expanding gaming to state lawmakers which would mean voters would not have to approve every new gambling game suggested within the state.

Larson believes his gaming bill would allow operators more leeway when it comes to operating games without making Nebraska a casino gambling state. Larson stated that this isnít instant keno and it isnít slot machine games. The government is there to protect your from other people not yourself, is the feeling of Larson on the subject.

However, both bills are seeing opposition as there are those who want to be protected from additional gambling. Those who are opposed feel faster paced gaming would give those with addictions would have more opportunity to feed their habit. Those who are not addicted would have the potential to become addicted to the gaming game.

It will be interesting to see if any of the legislation options will pass or if those who are opposed to the bills will have their way and see the additional gaming options not come to pass.

- 2015-02-11

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