Missouri Keno Player wins $40K
A night out with the guys turned out to be a great decision for thirty year old Joseph Grillo of Troy, Missouri. The young man hung out with his friends at a bistro in Wentzville and managed to end the night with over $40,000 to his name!

The young man was visiting Billy’s Roadside Bistro with his friends when he and his group decided to play the game of keno. Grillo commented on his good fortune and decision making by stating:

“My dad plays a lot, and I was out with my dad and my brother. We decided to find a place that had keno. I won on the first game, so I just put the ticket away. I didn’t know if I won any more or not after that. It looks like I did. I was kind of in shock. I had to have my dad look over the ticket, and then I had to have the bartender scan it, just to be sure. It was exciting.”

Once the win was confirmed, Grillo texted his wife, who thought her husband, was playing a trick on her. Grillo had to then call his wife so she really understood that he had won the keno prize. The lucky winner plans on using the cash to pay off bills and then put some money down on a piece of property.

Grillo was very shocked over the win and still has a hard time grasping it. Grillo commented further on the win by stating: “It’s been great. Indescribably. It’s life changing.”

- 2012-04-05

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