Michigan Man Wins Huge Keno Prize
The game of keno is one that is played on a regular basis around the world, especially in the US. Keno is one of only a few gambling games that can be found in a number of states and is easy to play. The game offers you the opportunity to win a nice jackpot prize by choosing the same numbers as those drawn during each game. In the state of Michigan, the decision to play the game worked in the favor of one player, who is now $250,000 richer!

The lucky winner remains anonymous but we do know he is from the city of Dearborn and could not be more excited over the win. The lucky player played the Keno! Game and managed to win the prize, much to his disbelief! The player had to check his ticket three times before the actual amount of the win would sink in!

The player said he checked his ticket at the website of the Lottery and saw he had matched all ten numbers. He then went into the store to have the clerk check the ticket as well. The clerk said he was a winner too but he still could not believe his luck. He then asked the clerk to print out the numbers so that he could double check with the ticket to be sure once again!

The player stated the numbers he used to play the game are the same ones he plays on a regular basis. The ticket was able to match 10 of the 22 numbers which included: 4/8/9/15/27/31/54/56/69 and 73. The drawing took place on the 23rd of September and the player has now earned his nice windfall and must determine what he will be doing with the money. For starters, the winner will be paying off a few debts and then investing the remainder of his winnings.

- 2014-10-09

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