Massachusetts Man Involved in Keno Scam
It was recently reported that a man from Holland, Massachusetts has been arrested for a keno scamming business. The man was arrested after getting away with over $11,000 from local businesses. John Karl Szyszko now faces several criminal charges due to the keno scam over several areas in the state.

Back in 2004, the accused was found to be scamming employees of keno outlets of keno tickets. Szyszko was charged in the past for keno crimes and it seems he has been back at it again. The accused is currently serving a sentence from a case when he was convicted in Framingham and now he faces even more charges.

The latest scheme was heard in the Westboro District Court. Back in June, Szyszko stole 27 keno tickets from one keno venue and took them to another to cash in. The accused asked the clerk to check the tickets and then pay out the winnings but return the losing tickets. The winning tickets provided $700 in cash and Szyszko then began to fill out more keno tickets while another customer was waited on.

Szyszko then turned in 24 winning tickets to earn almost $500. He then argued with the clerk and then told the clerk he was going to get more keno tickets from his vehicle. Once this happened, the accused did not return and the clerk realized that
Szyszko did not pay for the tickets he won at the store. This is the scheme that he had been running and continued to run until he was caught in early July.

After not appearing in court on July 10th for the charges he faced, police then arrested him and he faces two charges of Lottery Fraud and one charge of Larceny. Arraignment will take place on August 13th.

- 2013-07-18

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