Littlewoods Casino hosting special keno race today
Littlewoods Casino is known for hosting tournaments and races for players to enjoy and today the online casino is hosting a Krazy Keno Race. The race will take place all day May 20th and will give players the opportunity to play as much keno as they possibly can in the hopes of winning a cash prize.

Players will need to make a deposit of 30 or more during the hours of the competition to be eligible. Then players will need to start playing keno. Players simply choose their keno numbers and hope they win a prize. As you play the keno games, you will earn race points.

The race points are earned based on if you win or lose. Players will need to earn as many points as they possibly can during the Keno race to be eligible for the cash prize. The top fifty players with the most points during the race will earn a cash prize.

Prize Payouts:

Rank 1st to 3rd to win 60
Rank 4th to 13th to win 30
Rank 14th to 33rd to win 10
Rank 34th to 50th to win 5

The payouts might not seem very large but it is cash in your pocket if you make it to the top fifty. And if keno is one of your favorite games, then the tournament makes perfect sense. Players get to keep any cash they win during the keno games so if you are going to play keno anyway you might as well play it in tournament form to win extra cash!

Players who win a cash prize during the tournament will be notified by Littlewoods via email. Players will then have three days to claim their cash prize so make sure you keep an eye for an email if you do well during the competition.

- 2011-05-20

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