Keno win earned via family birthdates
Playing the game of keno is always fun. Whether you play in a local restaurant or online, the game of keno is easy to enjoy and can provide a significant payout. Players often play the game of keno with significant numbers in the hopes that the numbers will be good luck. For one Maryland, his lucky numbers finally paid off.

Carlos Jimenez enjoys the game of keno and has won a few times playing the lottery and bingo. Carlos has only been able to win a few hundred dollars here and there and one time earned $1,000 while playing bingo. However, his big win would come when he decided to use
family memberís birthday numbers while playing the game of keno.

Carlos was at a local Shell station when he decided to play the game. He saw a lot of people in the store watching the screen for keno and decided to give it a go. The player actually prefers the Mega Millsion game but thought, why not?

The lucky player decided to enjoy two rounds of keno and used his family birthdays for six numbers plus the Super Bonus feature. Carlos was able to match all six numbers and earn the prize of $10,000. Originally, Carlos thought he had just one $1,000 by matching five numbers. He was truly surprised when he found that he had won the big prize of $10,000.

The win was earned late at night so Carlos kept the win to himself until the next morning when his wife awoke. He didnít want to awaken her in the middle of the night and kept going online to check his ticket and make sure that he was indeed the big winner! The amount may not be life-changing but the win is definitely something to celebrate!

- 2016-08-30

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