Keno Struggling in Delaware
The game of keno is one that can be found in many different states in the US. The game is easily played and provides large jackpots for players to enjoy. Players simply choose a certain amount of numbers and then hope the numbers are picked during the drawing. Many states add this game as a lottery option to raise funds for various government projects. The latest state in the US to add the game is Delaware and the game has yet to catch on with gamblers.

Keno debuted in the state of Delaware just six months ago and the game has yet to catch on with gamblers. The game was launched back January and players have the option of choosing numbers every four minutes for the latest drawing. The game is available at 110 retailers and the top prize available via jackpot is $100,000 for a regular ticket. Players can win as much as $1 million for playing the keno bonus game as well.

Vernon Kirk is the Director of the State Lottery and he has state that keno has been up and down since the game was first introduced. The state is taking in around $100,000 each week. Kirk stated: “That’s a little lower than we had anticipated but we’re still in the process of kind of an education for our customers and adding retailers and that type of thing. So, we still have expectations that it is a growth product that will grow.”

Kirk further stated that the state will be able to further see how the game is operating when the fall audit takes place. The 2012 numbers need to come in for the fiscal year before the yearly totals can be determined. The state is also looking for additional venues to host the keno games. The state would like to have 125 and they only have 110 as of now.

- 2013-08-07

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