Keno Players Caught Using Counterfeit Cash
The game of keno is a lottery style game that is played in restaurants and bars across the United States. Players have the option of enjoying the game several times per hour as drawings take place at a rapid rate. Players will choose a set amount of numbers and then hope these numbers show up during the drawing. If they do, the player wins a cash prize based on the bet. Recently, two men were caught using counterfeit bills to play the game.

The two men were in Rhode Island enjoying a little keno and a few drinks in a local pub. The men eventually left after enjoying $40 in drinks and winning $140 in keno prizes. The men were then stopped outside of the pub when they left in their vehicle because the rear window was covered in white plastic, a clear traffic violation.

Officer Joseph Brazil stopped the two men and was checking the drivers license when he heard a call on the radio about a recent counterfeit incident. Aly’s Pub reported that two men had used counterfeit bills to play keno and drink.

The two men had been caught paying with counterfeit for the keno games and they said they would pay with real cash and did. However, when the drink money was found to be counterfeit, the men stated they would pay with different money but then left. It was then they were pulled over and the police officer just happened to her the report over the radio. The two were arrested and charged with passing counterfeit money which is considered a felony. The two now await their sentencing on the charges for using the fake cash.

- 2014-01-16

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