Keno player earns record-breaking prize
The game of keno is one that is commonly played in bars and restaurants as well as online. The game is simple as players just choose numbers and hope that the numbers drawn will match, providing a win. The Oregon Lottery is reporting that a record-breaking keno prize has been won by a man from Springfield, with over $300,000 won.

Bruce Buckley is the lucky winner, having played a $2 single keno ticket back in December on a whim, after turning in bottles. The ticket was worth just over $300,000 at $300,246.50. This was the largest Keno 8-Spot win that the history of the Oregon Lottery has ever seen.

Buckley stated that he saw the jackpot was over $50,000 so he figured he would buy one ticket and try for the win. The decision was the right one as now the player is a great deal richer!

The game of keno is a draw game where players choose ten numbers from 1 to 80. Ten numbers are then drawn and players will win prize money based on matching numbers. Players can guess on their own or choose a Quick Pick to have the numbers chosen for them, both producing a win.

With the Keno 8-Spot game of the Oregon Lottery, there is a rolling jackpot. The jackpot prize will roll over as the eight numbers are not matched. This means that players have the potential to win a huge prize, just like Buckley did. The longer it takes for a win to be earned, the larger the jackpot.

In the case of Buckley’s win, the jackpot was over $50,000 and he had chosen the Special Keno option. This gives the player the option to win a larger cash prize. With the multiplier purchased for $1, Buckley was able to see his prize multiplied to earn the big win.

- 2016-04-08

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