Keno Pays Out Well for Rockhampton Man
A fifty five year old man from Rockhampton is celebrating two keno wins after an exciting weekend at the Brunswick Hotel. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, won not one, but two keno prizes just a few days ago.

The lucky winner was playing the game on a Friday night at the hotel when he won $275,000! The man couldnít believe his luck and he came back to play the game yet again on Sunday and won another $640.

The first win was the result of a nine number match while the second win was only a five number match. The man was celebrating his first win with his friends when he matched 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to win his second jackpot!

The winner stated: ďIím out of work at the moment, so itís come at a good time. Iím getting to the stage where Iím semi-retired and my knees arenít so good, so this will really help me out.Ē The winner was still surprised over the first win and when the second win came he was just as shocked.

The winner stated the first night he was with his sister and asked her to come with him to check his tickets. When he checked the one ticket it said he was a winner and to see the keno representative. She told him of his good fortune and he just could not believe his luck.

The winner plans on using the money to pay off his mortgage and then take a holiday to see his friend in Brisbane. Brian Laws, the manager of Keno Queensland sales commented that they are Ďabsolutely thrilledí that the region saw such a great win. Laws went on to state that Ďno other game gives you the chance to win more than $1 million on the spotóevery three minutes.Ē

- 2012-07-02

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