Keno Comes to Kentucky
The game of keno may be coming to the state of Kentucky as early as this fall based on a recent voting with the Government Contract Review Committee. Last week the committee voted four to three to approve a contract amendment that would allow GTECH, a local lottery vendor, to place the game of keno in the state by October 19th.

The democrats voted for the measure and republicans wanted none of it but the democrats have the majority so they overruled the other party. Back in March, the Kentucky Lottery Corp voted to offer the game of keno and at the same time the legislature was trying to figure out where the proceeds from such lottery games would go. It was finally decided that the pension system of the state would be assisted as part of the lottery games.

The state is expecting to earn $8 to $9 million in revenues from the game of keno during the first year of operation. This money could then be used to pay for college scholarships based on merit. With the addition of the game, players would be able to choose one to ten numbers and then hope they match their numbers with those drawn during the game. The drawings take place every four or so minutes so multiple prizes can be won every hour.

The game will give away $1 to $100,000 and costs just $1 to play. This low buy-in plus the large prize amounts should lure players in to enjoying the game. The game could be offered at over 400 venues so players would have many different opportunities to play the game. The state believes that if all goes to plan, over $30 million in revenues could be earned in the next decade or so.

- 2013-06-18

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