Disabled Gambler Player Earns Huge Keno Win
A million dollar lottery win is what every gambler dreams of. How amazing would it be to claim a huge lottery prize that changes your life forever? When playing the game of keno, this is what players look forward to. With a keno game, you will choose a certain amount of numbers and hope that those numbers pop up with the drawing. Just recently, a player from Melbourne became the newest winning of over $1 million when earning close to $3 million while playing the game of keno.

The winner is known as Kenedi and was forced to quit work 13 years ago due to a back injury. The winner has been surviving on a pension for several years now and the lottery win is certainly welcome. The huge windfall was worth just over $2.7 million and the winner could not be happier, even purchasing champagne for the occasion.

The winner usually plays the game of keno on a random basis and was visiting the Jim Dandy Hotel when he decided to spend a little more on the game. Taking $50, he purchased the Keno games and then headed to the poker machines. This was the best decision he could have made as he is now almost $3 million richer!

With his newfound wealth, Kenedi will be purchasing a new car for his son as well as giving him some money. He will use some of the funds to donate to a cancer charity. Kenedi was shocked at the win and could not believe his luck. He could not speak and once he had his voice back he bought a round of drinks for the entire pub! The lucky winner must now face his newfound celebrity and wealth as he is able to live like he never dreamed during his lifetime.

- 2014-08-27

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