Connecticut Planning on 1,000 Keno Machines
The state of Connecticut will soon be the next state in the US to offer the game of keno. The game of keno is one that is very popular among gamblers. The game is a lottery style game and provides players with the option of simply choosing numbers and hope the same numbers are drawn. The state will be adding as many as 1,000 keno stations by the first of next year.

That state will be earning around $31 million with gambling revenues if this amount of vendors are added to the state. Mary Drexler is the Executive Director with the state’s council for Problem Gambling and she stated that a great deal of preparation work is going into the game of keno for the state.

Keno legislation was passed in June and the progress of game implementation has been moving farirly quickly. Right after the legislation passed, the lottery board as well as the games committee and the legislative branches met to discuss the game. These discussions were close door meetings and what was discussed is unknown.

Ticket and scratch game vendors have been contacted and they would be able to provide the game of keno if they so choose. There should be 600 new businesses that would be added for the game of keno. The businesses would be mainly bars and restaurants where patrons would have access to the quick games.

The game of keno was approved in the state to meet much needed revenues. The game of keno should create at least $3.8 million in one year and the next year should be as high as $27 million. This money is much needed in the state and should help the growing deficit. Just a few more months and residents and visitors to the state will be able to enjoy the option.

- 2013-08-28

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