Big Keno Win and Double Jackpot Promotion in Kansas
The game of keno is one that players enjoy as the game is easy to play and can reward you handsomely. Simply choose the right set of numbers and if drawn, you will earn a jackpot prize based on how many you match. You may win a few dollars or a few thousand dollars, the options are endless. In Kansas, players have the opportunity to take part in special keno gaming which can offer you fantastic prizes, even double the cash.

Just recently a ticket for the game of keno in the state was worth $153,630 and gave the winner a big windfall. The state lottery officials do not know who the winner is yet as they have not come forward to claim their prize. Also available for the next few days is the Keno Doubler promotion. With the keno doubler, players will be able to earn double the prize if selected.

The special doubling promotion will be taking place from the 10th of August to the 23rd which means players will have the option of earning even more cash prizes. This promotion is sure to be a big hit and remains a big reason why keno is such an exciting game. Not only can you win large cash prizes but you can also have the opportunity to win twice the amount!

Also in Kansas, a player recently won $50,000 from the Powerball game which is a lottery style option. The lucky player was able to match four of the first five numbers during the drawing as well as the Powerball to be eligible for the prize. The Power Play option was also selected so the winner was able to earn an additional $10,000. The game of keno is super-hot right now and it will be interesting to see the jackpot wins once the double option comes in to play.

- 2014-08-12

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