Australian man wins large keno jackpot
A Sydney, Australia man has won a large keno jackpot thanks to visiting a pub. The man who remains anonymous is a truck driver from Canley Heights and he won over $1 million dollars recently while playing a keno game.

The man was playing keno at Mekong Panthers in Cabramatte in Sydney when he hit the jackpot. The man was in desperate need of the cash as he recently lost his business and house when he began to experience financial trouble.

The fifty four year old man commented that thanks to the win he can now have his own house and he will be able to support his family better. He also stated he could not believe that he won the large keno prize.

Most of the time, the game of keno will pay out good jackpots but not as large as $1 million dollars. Players can usually win tens of thousands of dollars but a million dollar keno prize is hard to accomplish. The anonymous man was very lucky to have to won the large prize especially since he had recently lost his house and his business.

- 2010-06-28

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